Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops University of Birmingham

Our 13th Workshop
 4th-6th October 2017

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What We Offer?

We provide the latest information and training on the different procedural interventions used in Pain Medicine. Our internationally recognised interventional pain and cadaver workshops cover the current management of pain within a multidisciplinary framework.

Our curriculum is informed by the most recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain conditions; including those resulting from degenerative or neurological disease.

Of interest to Consultants in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia, Radiology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Palliative Care

Our Faculty

An international faculty will share their expertise through formal and informal discussions. The aim is to allow delegates to practice on cadavers a variety of pain interventions under the guidance of renowned interventionalists.


Our Teaching Method

Our aim is to provide a balanced approach to the different procedural options

We provide a multi-disciplinary framework

  • Short presentations
  • Expanded faculty
  • Keynote lectures on controversial topics
  • High proportion of course time dedicated to cadaver workshops
  • Increased time allocated to thoracic procedures.
  • More interventions under US control

Courses normally held at the Department of Anatomy, University of Birmingham, Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TH, UK. October course to be held in Nottingham due to building works in Birmingham.


Day one: Four technical lectures (on how to) then Cadaver Workshops (5 CPD):

Scientific programme designed to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration.

Clinicians in Pain Medicine, Anaesthesia, Spinal Surgery, Neurosurgery, Palliative Care, GPs and therapists with an interest in Pain Medicine will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with leading experts.


Days two and three: Cadaver Workshops (10 CPD)

Hands-on workshops under x-ray guidance with workstations of current and new procedures. One to one tuition.4 delegates per station. Dedicated time given to MRI interpretation and neuromodulation programming.

Dr Dalvina Hanu-Cernat

Course Director

Dr Hanu-Cernat qualified in Medicine in1989 and trained in Anaesthesia in Birmingham.  She is a Fellow in Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) through examination of the World Institute of Pain.She is a founder member of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists

Dr Rajesh Munglani

Pain Medicine Consultant

Dr Munglani qualified from St George’s Hospital, University of London. He was appointed John Farman Professor of The Royal College of Anaesthetists in 1996 for his contribution to pain research. He publishes and lectures in the field of chronic pain, with particular emphasis on basic science and chronic spinal pain including persistent back pain, whiplash injury and Complex Regional Pain Syndromes.

Dr Simon Tordoff

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Consultant in Pain Medicine, trained in Cape Town, South Africa and graduated in 1980. He moved to the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in 2001 and is based at the Leicester General Hospital. Dr Tordoff also works at the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice (LOROS) where he is involved in the management of patients with cancer-related pain

Dr Sherdil Nath

Pain Medicine Consultant

Dr Nath is a Pain Medicine Consultant at University hospital, Umeå, Sweden since1977.

Involved in Pain therapy since 1972 with spinally mediated pain, especially precision diagnostics and radio-frequency are his main research interests.

I have been teaching and running minimally invasive pain therapy, including cadaver courses in many countries for the last 15 years.

Dr Ron Cooper

Consultant in Pain Medicine

I qualified from QUB in 1981 and have been consultant since 1993 in Anaesthesia & Pain Relief in Causeway and North West Independent Hospitals since 1993. My practice is mainly interventional based, utilizing a large range of interventional procedures, including spinal injections, radiofrequency techniques, trigeminal therapies, neuromodulation techniques

Dr Shyam Balasubramanian


Pain Management Consultant

I graduated in India in 1995 and have gained experience in pain management & anaesthesia from 3 continents. In the UK, I specialised in anaesthesia and pain management in East Yorkshire & Warwickshire Schools. I completed a one year Fellowship in Pain Management at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Dr Tony Hammond

Honorary Consultant Physician

Tony Hammond is an honorary consultant physician and rheumatologist at the Maidstone Hospital, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. He supervises a large multi-disciplinary NHS rheumatology practice. Dr Hammond sits on the European Committee of ISIS, and is Co-Chair of the British Pain Interventional Research Group.

Dr Arasu Rayen

Pain Medicine Consultant

  Dr Rayen is currently the Editor of Pain News and was the Clinical Director of the Pain Management department at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, leading and promoting MDT assessment and treatment of patients with chronic pain. He is founder and chair of West Midlands Pain Management Consultant forum

Dr Surabhi Choudhari

Consultant musculoskeletal radiologist

Dr Choudhary, specialist consultant musculoskeletal radiologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust. Special interests include imaging of joint diseases including sport related injuries of the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist with MRI, Ultrasound and CT scan.

Dr. Arun Bhaskar

Consultant in Anaesthetics

 Dr. Bhaskar is the current secretary of the World Society of Pain Clinicians and an  member of the Council of the British Pain Society.  He is an executive liaison of Interventional SIG, Neuropathic pain SIG and Cancer pain SIG of the British Pain Society.  He is also a council member of the Neuromodulation Society of UK & Ireland and also advises NICE on interventional procedures.

Dr Sandeep Kapur

Consultant Anaesthetist, Pain Management Specialist

A specialist in chronic pain management with a special interest in neuromodulation. Dr Kapur has been a consultant since 2007 at Dudley NHS Trust and joined UHB to develop a spinal cord stimulation service

Dr William Rea

Consultant in Pain Management

Dr Rea became consultant in 2012 and has an interest in abdominopelvic pain. Dr Rea holds pelvic pain clinics at UHB and Birmingham Women's Hospital. He is also an anaesthetist at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and also college tutor for anaesthesia

meet our Faculty....

"Good cadaver quality, good radiographers, comprehensive workshops."

Why are we so good at what we do?


Our faculty are some of the most experienced and most highly-regarded experts in the field and include Consultants in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia, Rheumatology and Consultant Radiologists and Consultant Neurologists. We offer a breadth of expertise that enables us to teach a very wide range of interventional techniques. More about out faculty here.

"Came second time to the course"

"Very good presenters and programme in general"

"Excellent course. Most important for the course was the expert /delegate ratio."

"We’ll come back to the course – excellent workshops"

"A good range of topics covered"


4 - 6 October 2017

University of Nottingham (due to building works in Birmingham)



Recognised by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for 15 CPD points


Cranio-cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic interventions

Neuromodulation – spinal and peripheral

Musculoskeletal ultrasound guided interventions

Day 1: Four technical lectures (on how to) then Cadaver Workshops (5 CPD)

Days 2& 3: Cadaver Workshops


Venue: Nottingham (due to building works at University of Birmingham site)

Cost: £1200


Schedule Day 1

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Technical lectures and workshops

Radiofrequency ablation of the lumbar facet joints

Radiofrequency ablation of the thoracic facet joints

Lumbar nerve root blocks

Thoracic nerve root blocks


Cervical epidural


Hypogastric plexus block


US guided procedures (lower limb, abdomen, lumbar area


Schedule Day 2

Schedule Day 3

  Friday 6 October 2017


 Radiofrequency ablation of the cervical facet joints

Cervical nerve root blocks

 Cervical disc procedures

Stellate ganglion block

Trigeminal and sphenopalatine ganglion interventions

Neuromodulation - spinal and peripheral lead placement

Advanced neuromodulation

Freestyle sessions

US guided musculoskeletal procedures (head and neck)


Thursday 5 October 2017


Thoracic splanchincectom

Disc procedure

Pudendal nerve block

 Genicular nerve block

 Lumbar sympathectom

Sacroiliac joint procedures – intraarticular injections, denervation


US guided musculoskeletal procedures (upper limb, trunk)

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Cadaver Workshop Requirements

No open toed sandals, high heels in the demonstration rooms


Compulsory dress code is trousers NOT skirts or dresses

Protective white gowns provided but you can bring your own scrubs for comfortSecure locked cabinets are available. .



Education & Conference Centre

City Hospital, Nottingham, NG5 1PB

0121 627 2000


Registration is between 8.30 – 8.50.
If you get lost on the day please ring 07976 697761.


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 the Course in October will be at the University of Nottingham due to building works at Birmingham

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Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops University of Birmingham
Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops University of Birmingham
Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops University of Birmingham
Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops University of Birmingham